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Steps to staying motivated

One moment you can be on fire when it comes to the motivation, determination and excitement to create new works of art. Your thoughts are spilling over with ideas, creativity bursting at the seams and the possibilities are endless! But what happens when all of that disappears in the blink of an eye and you’re left with absolutely nothing. A blank mind, a blank expression and, unfortunately, a blank canvas to go with it. You’ve well and truly hit the wall.


Being an artist is FAR from easy. One moment you’re drifting on cloud 9, envisioning your many successful works of art, the next moment reality comes and completely knocks you off of your feet. Emotion is so closely linked to art and sometimes, even a small act of randomness can be enough to completely ruin your mojo. The question is, how do we get it back?


Following is a few things to focus on in order to help you going forward:


Keep it balanced – it is a marathon, not a race


Sometimes we just don’t have the necessary time, resources or reserves to finish a project in one go. Allocate a certain amount of time to each project you are busy with and don’t stress about getting it done. Rather focus on your desired outcome and be proud of what you create and put forth – even if it takes a little longer.


Look for inspiration


The world of art is constantly growing and evolving. There are endless amounts of inspiration just waiting to feed your creative soul and steer you in the right direction. It might only take one, exceptional piece of art to ignite a creative spark and get your thoughts and ideas flowing.


Just jump in – stop procrastinating


Even though we don’t want to admit it, motivation isn’t magically going to come swooping in and land on your front doorstep. Just start. Begin. Do something. Do your research. Create something – anything! Sometimes the only motivation you need is to stop thinking, let go and jump in.


Set and declare your goals


You are an artist with an abundance of creativity and talent. However, what does any of that mean if you have no direction? Set goals for yourself – start small and keep building them up. Decide what you want to achieve, by when you want to achieve it and get started. When you’re grasping for motivation, go back to your goals, reset, start anew.





Don’t let your emotions be the boss of you


As human beings, we often let our emotions control or depict our actions – in turn, this ultimately affects your results and output. If you have a negative mindset, it can cripple your ability to take the necessary actions needed in order to flourish and succeed. Recognize when your own mindset is the very thing holding you back and focus on what is necessary to reset and restart.


Don’t give up


Perseverance is key to success. Yes, disappointment and failure is sometimes inevitable but you cannot let it shape and determine your circumstances. As the following famous proverb states:


“If you don’t succeed, try, try again”

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