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How to achieve a Fresh Decorative Start

More often than not, we don’t realize how much the environment around us affects us. One of the most important places to consider: our bedroom.

It is our own, personal, private sanctuary. It is the place where most people reflect on life, emotions, dreams, thoughts and more. Nothing screams more YOU than your bedroom. However, as we change, so does our style and preferences – and sometimes…there is nothing more therapeutic than a complete decorative overhaul.

Now the question is, where do you start?

Measurements & Layout

It is imperative to make sure how much space you have available before attempting a complete decorative overhaul. From window sizes (curtains or blinds), floors (rugs or tiling), walls (art or furniture) – the list goes on! Next, sketch a rough picture of your new vision – taking all decorative factors into consideration. This will give you a better idea of the style of furniture you want to buy and whether you will have enough space for everything you want to incorporate.


This is most probably the most important factor to consider. When it comes to your own personal space, it is about what you like and prefer – not the current trends or fashion look book ideas. Do you prefer a warm, homey look? A more subdued, classic style? Colourful and modern?


First and foremost – on which scale are you renovating/redecorating? Will you be choosing new tiles or lamination or are you making it a bit simpler by sticking to a new rug? Remember to keep your dimensions in mind, in order to get a rug that is complimentary and not too large or too small causing it to look disjointed. Once again, there are so many options to choose from. Which one do you like the most? Persian, shaggy, fluffy, bouncy, classic, square, round? The list goes on!


Blinds or curtains?

actors to consider when you get new options to cover your windows, are:

How much lighting do you want in your room?

Do you prefer something plain and barebones or more decorative and stylish?

Multiple layers or a single layer?

How often do you want to look out of your window?


It is important to invest in furniture pieces that you love, while also keeping space and practicality in mind. Find the right furniture that suits your style and level of comfort, that suits your budget and restrictions.

At the end of the day, you will be the one making use of the pieces you acquire – as furniture can be quite costly, it is important to put thought and effort into purchasing items and not buying on whim or in a rush.


Lighting is necessary for several reasons, in multiple locations. Luckily, there are so many options to choose from and play around with to find the perfect combination! We suggest –

Ambient lighting – a classic chandelier, modern downlights, rustic flush lights, a fancy pendant light or a simple hanging ceiling light

Task lighting – swinging arm lamp, desk and floor lamps, vanity lights, sconces

Accent lighting – wall lights, recessed spot lighting,


This is where you can go absolutely crazy and add your own personal touch to your room! We suggest:

  • Plants: an array of small potted plants such as cacti or a bigger standing pot plant, adding something fresh to your room.
  • Books: nothing adds more character than a bookrack filled with your favorite adventures.
  • Pillows: Pillows make an excellent statement for comfort and can even be used for seating if you run out of space.
  • Art: Nothing expresses your taste more than art. An assortment of canvas prints are perfect additions to add personality and flair to your room.
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