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Photos are forever. Or at least, they represent forever – and all the memories and symbolism that they contain. Unfortunately, an actual photo doesn’t last forever and just keeping a digital copy means that it is not always readily available, you will always need some or other form of technology to access it. There is a very simple solution to that, however – Canvas Printing.


Canvas Printing grants you the freedom to print whichever photo you want, whichever size and in whichever style you prefer – creating a piece of art that will last for several years. It can be used for sentimental reasons, reminding you of people and memories close to your heart; serve the purpose of completing the overall look and feel of an area design wise, acting as the finishing touch; or even go as far as to create a focal point, drawing attention and serving as a point of interest. Your options are literally endless.


When it comes to the photography aspect, there are multiple options and styles to choose from. From landscapes, black and white and vintage to minimalism, pop art, collages, retro inspired and modern outlooks. It all essentially depends on the vision you have for your personal space and what you want to achieve.


Below, we have a look at some photography styles, methods and options that may tickle your fancy:


Landscape Photography

One of the main purposes of landscape photography Is capturing the magic and very essence of a certain place. Certain views are so breathtaking that you wouldn’t mind looking at it again… and again, being impacted by its beauty every time. Unfortunately, these landscapes are usually either on the other side of the world or stuck on your computer screen. Thus, the perfect way to often enjoy your favorite landscapes and also allowing your family and guests to enjoy them just as much, is to have them canvas printed and strategically placed for maximum enjoyment.


Black and white

Black and white photography often creates stark, impactful and powerful imagery, easily evoking emotions. With the ability to play with light and shadows, manipulating contrast and brightness, extremely compelling images are usually born. The absence of color allows concentrating on the subject without any distracting elements, often adding a timeless and nostalgic element. Black and white imagery add uniqueness, depth, character and style to walls without upsetting the color scheme of the room, but accentuating the colors instead, making them pop.



Vintage usually refers to old-fashioned or dating from the past/an older era. Vintage photography adds a nostalgic touch with a sense of historic elements to your home. The modern vintage photography style includes using contemporary means to imitate or reproduce the look of an older material or process. These means range from using filters to making use of various photography techniques or editing, such as decreasing contrast, increasing brightness, using a larger aperture for a blurry background, adding grain, making use of light leaks – and so much more. Vintage photography is an extremely popular decorating choice, due to it being able to represent truth and reality of another person, place, or time into the present moment.



“Minimalist photography is a form of photography that is distinguished by extreme, austere simplicity. It emphasizes spareness and focuses solely on the smallest number of objects in the composition process.”


Key components of Minimalist photography include:

Simplicity, Isolation, Colour, Lines and Shapes, Powerful composition, use of negative space.


Although this method of photography is less popular than the others, it is a great way of adding character to any chosen space – even though such images contain fewer components, they have the ability communicate powerfully.

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