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Why canvas prints are perfect for a wedding

The entire process of getting married – from popping the big question, getting engaged, planning your special day, straight through to getting married and going on your honeymoon is one of the biggest and hopefully, best moments of your life. It can be extremely chaotic, stressful and overwhelming but it is also a time and moment to cherish and remember for the rest of your life.


As with all big events, planning is key to the success of your wedding… and oh boy, there is a LOT of planning involved, which can become overwhelming quite quickly. However, we’ll present you with a solution that at least gives you one less, very crucial aspect of your wedding to worry about – your wedding memories. Wedding canvas prints is the perfect solution to keeping your memories alive and vibrant.


Here’s a few reasons as to why canvas prints trump all other options:


Unbeatable quality

Canvas prints look immensely good in any situation or setting, consisting of high-quality materials and colours. They also have a textured surface that adds extra detail and depth to an image, giving it that extra character that makes canvas prints stand out. These prints have the ability to translate colour wonderfully, portraying a vivid, dramatic and detailed image, all while providing a non-reflective surface, unlike normal photos. Additionally, canvas prints last a very long time and can even be passed on as a heirloom over time.



There is so much creative freedom involved when it comes to planning your canvas print, including various options regarding sizes, framing options and effects. You can customize your design, layout and text to your hearts content, giving you the satisfaction of a truly special print that you can cherish for years to come.


Tell a story

Canvas printing offers the convenience of being able to choose any design or layout for your photos, why stick to one photo when you can print ALL your favorites? Combine your vows, favorite photos, memories and quotes onto a few canvasses and display them in your home, giving others a glimpse as to one of your biggest life stories.




Displaying your personal love story in your home is a constant reminder of something that is a root of your happiness. Don’t just have your photos printed and stored away in a book gathering dust. Take your favorite photos, have them canvas printed and fill your wall with happy memories. You can even have your vows printed, reminding you of your promise and commitment with your life partner.




Lasts a lifetime  

Canvases are made from sturdy materials, guaranteeing that it will last much longer than other pieces of wall décor. Some canvas paintings have been around for centuries and have been preserved in museums all over the globe. However, canvas printed photos can last up to 75 years, provided you take good care of it. Just as your life with your partner lasts for years, rest assured your art will last just as long, if not longer! It also makes a beautiful gift for your future children one day.

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