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After the unfortunate event of Covid-19, all the more people found themselves working from home – part-time or full-time, depending on the company they work for. Even more unfortunately, a lot of people found themselves at home, permanently.

Working from home isn’t all that bad, however. The pros include being able to work in whatever you want to wear (even pyjamas!), hitting the snooze button and waking up a bit later, saving time having to get ready and presentable, costs involving petrol and driving to work, being able to create a flexible setup (answering emails with a cup of coffee on the couch), the list goes on!

Thus, being cooped up at home can be great…however, staring at the same four walls every day can get pretty boring, very fast. The solution is pretty simple though…. ART. Art is diverse, with so many options to choose from, presenting numerous options for any preference in existence. Irrespective of your style, you will always be able to find a piece of art that calls to you.  Even better, wall art is a great element to pull a space together; add an extra, special touch; make an area feel complete; brighten up a room – it has the ability to completely transform your environment.

Below, we list a few examples of wall art styles – explaining why they are great choices to choose from for your personal environment:

Cityscapes and Architecture

The skilful technique of designing and building does not only belong in the construction world, but also plays a big role in the world of art. It is another form of expressing yourself through design and visual elements, with a rich history contributing towards different architectural styles and popularity. Some styles were so popularized during a certain era, you can sometimes even guess the age of a building by looking at it (depending on the authenticity). Architecture not only reflects age and cultural context but can be beautiful and awe-inspiring, making it a perfect option for wall art


You do not need to be feminine nor female to appreciate a good floral print. There are so many options available, ranging from a stark, subtle image, to a full bloom of vibrant and colorful flowers. Not only can flowers translate into exquisite art, but artists also have the ability to incorporate the abundant symbolism represented by various flowers.


Abstract art is a form of art that uses shapes, colours, forms and marks to achieve its effect, instead of trying to depict something comprehensible. Abstract art grant artists the freedom to express themselves beyond any form of rules our boundaries – presenting ultimate freedom of expression. With artists being able to think outside the box and explore any and all options, the actual artwork depicts an extremely personal process, enriching a viewer or buyers’ experience of the artwork.


The word “retro” refers usually refers to a style that uses characteristics and trends derived from the past, however, retro art is a genre of pop art originating from the 1940s to 1960s. During this specific time, bold, bright and eye-catching designs were extremely popular and used for mass production. Feelings evoked from retro art include nostalgia and wistfulness, with a bittersweet desire for things, persons, and situations of the past. If you love vintage and forms of art from the historical art, retro is a great choice for wall art.

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