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Save Your Memories

In the past we didn’t have much choice as to what we wanted to do with our memories. So, we used them for stories, reliving our past and passing them on to friends and family to cherish – hoping that they somehow get kept alive. Today… we are surrounded with the means to immortalize our memories – capturing them via various means of technology in the form of photos and videos and even pieces of art.

We currently live in a thriving digital era, where it has become second nature to snap a picture of anything and everything that seems even remotely interesting, granting you the ability to capture any given moment in time. The problem with the above-mentioned is that, at the end of the day, your memories just get lost in between the other 3000 photos on your phone, either losing or forgetting something that you truly cherished and would have wanted to remember. Life is filled with unexpected, precious moments that will one day be able to tell your life story.

We suggest saving your most precious memories on something a bit more…permanent and prominent, such as canvas prints. Below we discuss a few reasons as to why we believe that you should print your memories:

Keep your memories alive

Technology is the future; however, it is unfortunately not fool-proof and no concept is perfect. It is so easy for data to get corrupted, lost or stolen – and with that, the documented version of your memories is lost forever. Having your memories printed means that you can keep the safe and sound for years and generations to come, granting you the ability to pass them on to your family and loved ones.

Boost your mood

Having a bad day? Just feeling tired and under the weather? No problem. Reliving some of your best moments and happiest memories can clear up your mood and put a smile back on your face instantly. Some memories are too special to NOT smile at!

A piece of art

Just because it is a physical representation of a memory, doesn’t mean that it cannot be portrayed as a piece of art, being tastefully used to decorate your home, liven up a room and add a beautiful touch. These memories add character to your home, telling your life story.

A nostalgic escape

There is a reason why we created art, especially pertaining to history. To look back and remember, perhaps remembering the best days of your life and moments that shaped your future into what it is today. A perfect solution is choosing your favorite memories and creating different collages that you can remember and reminisce about.

Tell your story

Whether your printed memories get passed on for generations or somehow end up as a vintage collectable, it will always tell your story. You can print an entire range of memories and prized moments, decorating your home with cherished moments in time that will be treasured forever.

A beautiful gift

Whether you are gifting a printed memory to a younger or older member of your family – it stays precious, therefore making it a timeless gift that can be passed on and become heirlooms one day. It is a truly thoughtful and heartwarming gift, especially if it is a special moment shared together.

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