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Unusual and unexpected places to place art

Art depicts freedom in so many ways – the freedom to be as creative and inventive as you want to be with absolutely no limits and no rules to hold you back, the freedom to let your imagination run wild, the freedom to create and express abundantly and the freedom to create magic on canvas.

Therefore, it is safe to say that nothing should be holding you back and no rules should apply when it comes to placing your art or finding a spot for it in your home. Your creative space is yours to do with as you please and if it means breaking tradition or “the norm” then go for it! A little imagination goes a long way and you never know when a strange idea might just result in something brilliant, creating a stunning effect.

Challenged with minimal space or the desire to do something “different” for a change? Look no further. Below, we discuss a few strange, yet, charming spots to place your art – and it totally works!

Door frame

What stops you from utilizing your door for a spot of creativity? You have the entire door frame available to use for artistic purposes, large and visible to enjoy every time you exit and enter that specific area. Art can easily be arranged into an array of smaller canvasses in a pattern, to utilize the space best while also creating an interesting effect.

Room corner

Do you have a little extra space in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Perfect! Source a comfy chair, a bookrack filled with your favorite books, a fluffy rug and let your imagination run wild with all the options of art pieces that you can decorate your little corner with – by creating a wrapping gallery wall.

Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchens come with “floating cupboards” aka cupboards that were fastened onto the wall in the air. Most of them are placed shoulder height so that you can still reach whatever you decided to place inside them. The placement however creates a stark and empty space between the cupboards and your ceiling that never gets used. This space can easily be used to tie in with the theme of your kitchen and add a splash of colour and character.

Unused fireplace

Many older houses come equipped with a fireplace in almost every living room and even multiple rooms within a house. Due to newer technology, not a lot of people use fireplaces anymore and therefore it has become a white elephant – taking up space with no use. Why? With a little effort and creativity, the space can easily be revamped with a touch of paint, some shelves and smaller pieces of art.

Reimagined Shelving

The norm is to place something inside or on top of a shelf. That doesn’t mean you cannot decide to utilize the shelf a little differently. Shelves are usually filled with little Knick knacks, books, plants or random items. Spice up your shelves by placing eye-catching pieces of art in front of your shelves – it creates a statement and can easily be removed to take something off your shelf, thus creating the best of both worlds.

Empty Countertops

Do you have canvasses that you simply either cannot find space for on a wall, or don’t fit in with the current style or theme? Simple – Place them against the wall on a kitchen or bathroom countertop – guaranteed to add extra dimension and creative flair.

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