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The joy of remembrance

How many photos do you have on your phone? A thousand? Ten thousand? Do you even keep count? How many photos have you lost when you upgraded to a new phone or accidentally deleted an entire folder or had an unfortunate incident where your memory card crashed and took all of your saved photos with it?

Another important question – why do we keep so many photos? Surely the photos that we decide to keep hold some deeper meaning to us? Otherwise, we would have deleted them to make space for the next batch, right?

As we find ourselves in a vastly growing digital era, it has become extremely easy to just snap a photo in order to serve as a reminder of a singular moment in time – from selfies with your besties, to a night out in town and a day spent going on an adventure to special times with your significant other and moments that may have meant the world to you, that you wanted to remember for the rest of your life. However, technology is fragile and we, as humans, tend to be forgetful. That exceptional, special moment in time can get lost in between thousands of photos – getting lost over time.

How often do we actually take the time to go through our photos to relive our happiest moments? Not as often as we would like, unfortunately, because we have so many pictures that the very task of going through everything seems incredibly daunting and tedious.

At the end of the day, the fact that we lose a connection to many cherished memories is truly tragic. Life, in essence, is about living it to the fullest and being able to think back and reminisce via the memories we have obtained throughout the years.

This is why we are such big advocates for creating permanent solutions in order to keep your memories alive for years to come. Don’t let your special moments in time “gather dust” if you have the ability to not only enjoy them on a daily basis but also create a lovely family heirloom and stunning piece of art for your home. The perfect solution in order to immortalize your special moments, is an assortment of various canvas print options.

With plenty of options to choose from, you can –

  • cover a wall with an assortment of different sized prints, all displaying a memory which you cherish and keep close to your heart
  • cover a wall with one, large print, focusing on a specific moment in time
  • create a collage of different photos with various themes
  • Design a 3-part canvas set, telling your own, unique story

Not only do canvas prints provide a great way to display your memories, it is also a good way to remember a beloved pet or family member that may have passed away.

Bring your memories to life and enjoy the happiness it brings being able to reflect back in time, reliving valued and special moments in time.

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