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Making your Home Eco-Friendly

We are, without sugar-coating it, in the midst of a climate crisis. In the technologically advanced era that we find ourselves in, it has become increasingly important to protect our planet from self-sustained, man-made damage and pollution.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to purchase eco-friendly products or appliances, or even renovate homes and offices in order to prolong sustainability and become more eco-friendly. Luckily, there are quite a few budget-friendly options to explore in order to contribute your part towards saving the planet! Even smaller changes and adaptions can lessen the negative effects of daily life on earth during this time and age.

These options are easy, don’t take a lot of time, effort or expense – and every single bit contributes towards a cleaner environment. Below we explore a few ideas available to make your home eco-friendlier and more sustainable:

Reconsider your lighting

There are several simple ways in order to save energy within your home – for instance investing in energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Not only are they very effective, they will use less electricity, save you money and contribute towards making your home more environmentally-friendly. Another option is to use natural lighting to your advantage – use lighter curtains in order to maximize natural light and also consider lighter paint colours.

Time to DIY, Refurbish and Recycle

When it comes to furniture, it is best to stay clear from cheaply made goods which will need to be replaced ever so often. Instead, try to buy or make furniture from recycled wood and materials, or even buying high-quality pre-loved furniture – with a little bit of effort, they can be restored to their formed glory.

Purchase sustainable décor

Instead of buying temporary décor that will become unusable/old in just a short while, therefore needing to be thrown out and contributing towards pollution – it is better to invest in sustainable décor that will last for years to come. The perfect example is canvas prints – they are classic and timeless, budget-friendly and extremely durable.

Insulate and double glaze

The key factor is to find ways to keep heat and cold in/or depending on your preference and weather conditions. A Well-insulated home means that it takes less energy to keep your home warm and cosy during the winter, or cool and comfortable during the summer. Double-glazing your windows is also an excellent way to keep your home comfortable during uncomfortable weather.

Bio-degradable products is the way to go

It is not always necessary to invest in a full home renovation in order to be eco-friendlier. There are several smaller and more simple ways to make a big impact. Use natural cleaning products instead of making use of products with harmful chemicals. Make sure to check if the products you buy have recyclable packaging. Make use of refillable products (this is also much cheaper).

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